The Book of Ronny

Ronny isn’t really the name of the writer, his real name is Alex. However, Alex is a terrible writer; too many nouns and comma splices all over the place! In an effort to avoid total embarrassment, Ronny has decided to take over the blog for him. He is really quite good; one could call him a ‘budding wordsmith’. Ronny comes out at night when Alex goes to sleep; he eats all of Alex’s biscuits and goes on his laptop to write little thoughtful messages for Alex to read when he wakes up. Ronny is better than Alex in every conceivable way, and outranks him in level of attractiveness, musical talent, confidence, and articulacy. You wouldn’t believe that Ronny and Alex are both the same person.

My name is Ronny Scarlett, and Alex is asleep for the moment. Welcome to my blog, I guess.

I hate talking about myself, so I’ll keep it brief; I’m 19 years young, I drink lager, and I play guitar. One day my lecturer told me I was a good writer, and I didn’t believe him until he gave me something no teacher or educator in the world has ever given me in my life; high grades and praise for my essays (that rhymes kinda). Since then I’ve looked up to my lecturer in a way thats weird for me to explain. Its probably like the way Luke Skywalker looked up to Ben Kenobi in A New Hope; I’ve finally figured out who I want to be, and now he’s helping me realise my full potential. I just hope for my sake that Darth Vader doesn’t turn him into a pile of robes, that would really be a major blow to my music journalist career. But anyway, I digress.

This is a music blog devoted mainly to the study of the sound and music industry, the affect that music has on society, and reviews on bands/artists and new music (as well as anything else that may be on my mind, I talk a lot of nonesense). My words will be accompanied by photography, sources I have referenced (if required), and occasionally interviews between myself and members of the music world. If you do not enjoy music, music reviews, photographs, looking at photographs, and reading, then this is not the blog for you. However, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the words I cough up from some desperate desire to be different from everybody else.



PS: I take the photos for this blog. Apart from the one below of me, that one was taken by our mate Laura.

“I don’t care what your blog’s about just try not to offend anyone” – My mum



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